Ocean States Investigative Group, LLC

A fully licensed, bonded, and insured Massachusetts Private Investigative Company that provides a wide range of services to clients throughout the United States. OSIG is also licensed in New Hampshire with colleagues throughout the United States.

Our Philosophy

Our beliefs stem from old fashioned ideas of excellent customer service. We listen to your needs and our private investigators put the solution into action. We settle for nothing less than to provide the best Private Investigator for your investigation that will present accurate facts for your case.


Our Mission

Guided by our core values of integrity and discretion, we aim to create an environment where we can best serve our clients. We consistently strive to provide all our clients with accurate, efficient, and cost-effective private investigations in a timely manner. Our ultimate goal is to protect our client’s confidentiality and provide them with the information and answers they seek.

Confidentiality Policy

Our firm understands the sensitive nature of private investigations and upholds the highest standards of confidentiality in the industry. It is our policy that all reports and information received from Ocean States Investigative LLC are strictly confidential and are for the private and exclusive use of our clients.


International Intelligence Network
Past Asst. Executive Director
Board of Directors
Board Accredited Investigators (BAI)
Charter Member
New England Trade – Proud Member
South Carolina Association of Legal Investigators
Florida Association of Private Investigators (FAPI)
Advisory Board
Board Accredited Investigators (BAI)

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