Criminal & Civil Investigations

Let OSIG provide you with any of our comprehensive investigation services.  We are available in your time of need to discuss your urgent and important matters.

Criminal & Civil Investigations

  • OSIG gladly accepts private paying clients & Massachusetts CPCS funded criminal defense cases. We provide investigative support for criminal defense attorneys from arraignment to trial. OSIG investigators are experienced in the following areas: assault & battery, indecent assault & battery, DUI cases, breaking & entering, theft/robbery, fraud, & post-conviction appeals. OSIG conducts competent & detailed criminal defense investigations by working closely with defense attorneys to determine the scope of each investigation. We then tailor our investigation for the unique circumstances of every case. OSIG is always there to fully help plan, support & execute the investigator’s role in the trial & assist the client in trial preparation. OSIG can also offer pretrial process serving & witness transportation. OSIG is able to conduct aspects of Civil and Criminal investigations to include, but not limited to, records searches, social media mining, data base searches, witness interviews. OSIG assists lawyers, individuals and businesses in the gathering of information and evidence for a successful resolution in court or their own personal knowledge. Legal investigations are those cases that are being investigated & prepared to go to trial. Attorneys & law firms representing clients with civil, criminal, corporate, copyright, environmental, probate, domestic, governmental, international & property concerns can depend on a investigator for prompt & professional legal investigations.
  • Our investigators have the attitude, competence, demeanor & determination to assist you & your clientele. The absolute best outcome in legal cases that appear to be headed for court is a successful resolution prior to a trial. Our investigators along with the client, establish an investigative theme based on the theory of liability &/or the theory of defense to effectively investigate legal matters. OSIG concentrates on the investigation theme to compliment the theories that have been developed and established. We focus in on that during the investigation in order to help bring the matter to an amicable resolution.  


Witness Locations & Statements

  • Interviewing & obtaining recorded or signed written statements from witnesses, claimants, insureds, subjects & other individuals is the very essence the nature of the investigative business & must be successfully accomplished on a priority basis. Major areas covered include eyewitness accounts of incidents & accidents, liability questions, insurance coverage issues, fraud, social media accounts, reputation & character, due diligence, testimony & pre-trial preparation, general information, background data & employer/employee statements.  Statements are usually digitally recorded & can be emailed to the client upon completion. Transcription of statements is accomplished upon request. Reporting of interviews & statements are included in abstract form within the investigation report, in investigator’s notes, or verbally communicated depending upon the client’s instructions. OSIG has years of experience of experience in interviewing techniques & assessing the truthfulness, character & credibility of witnesses. Our clients have been extremely happy with the content & results of our statements as they are detailed in content & focus on the facts of the case.

Asset Searches

  • Motor Vehicle Records
  • Background Checks


  • OSIG provides the highest level of professionalism for surveillance investigation through our experienced team of local field investigators. We pride ourselves on providing superior service and up-to-the-minute communications with our clients. Discrete vigilance requires a myriad of skill sets to do properly. Our investigators are the best in the field. Many of our investigators possess a prior law enforcement background, including specialized training in advanced stakeout techniques, to ensure that even the most difficult cases are completed successfully. Very few investigators can conduct a competent, successful physical surveillance. The specialty surveillance investigators at OSIG have completed thousands of surveillance investigations with an outstanding track record of observing & documenting a subject’s activity, movements & conduct. We use the most up to date & technologically advanced camera equipment for inside, outside, daytime & nighttime applications. Our vehicles blend in with the environment & our investigators are low key & discreet. Many clients with insurance, divorce, child custody, theft & infidelity issues have resolved their problems due to the success of our surveillances.  Frames of key date & time stamped video can be captured in still photography by our video editing software & imputed in our reports to illustrate the vital activities of a subject. Our investigators have testified with outstanding results regarding the observed activities of individuals & entities during our surveillance assignments.  It’s not enough to be able to conduct the physical surveillance, you have to be able to communicate the results of the surveillance in a professional/complete report & testify about it!

Our surveillance services include coverage for:

  • Medical Malpractice Claims
  • Matrimonial Cases
  • Child Custody Cases
  • Workers Compensation Claims
  • Disability Claims
  • Personal Injury Cases
  • FMLA Abuse
  • Employee Theft
  • Contractor Theft
  • Drug Investigations
  • Harassment and Stalking

Undercover Covert Surveillances

  • We have extensive experience in undercover investigations in the workplace to determine Employee Morale/ Activity issues, as well as theft within the workplace.
    • Court House Record Searches
    • Court Testimony
    • Pre-litigation Investigations
    • Activity Checks
At OSIG, we are equipped with the latest, highly technical surveillance equipment, available from our sister company New England PI Equipment, contact us for your needs.

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