Domestic Investigations

Let OSIG provide you with any of our comprehensive investigation services.  We are available in your time of need to discuss your urgent and important matters.

Infidelity, Premarital & Relationship Investigations

  • OSIG conducts investigations into Infidelity and Divorce cases to assist Clients with Surveillance to achieve viable evidence for court or other proceedings. Whether it is a cheating spouse, evidence for a divorce case or hidden spousal assets, OSIG will work tirelessly to bring the Client peace of mind. Let our team assist you in gathering proof of cohabitation, infidelity, or documenting the conditions for child custody cases. We have successfully testified numerous times & can get the evidence you need for court. We capture discreet photographs & video, all of which we supplement with a written report detailing everything we observe.

Child Custody Investigations

  • OSIG conducts investigations in Child Custody/Family Law cases. OSIG will assist our Client with surveillance, locating hidden assets, locating individuals, background, child custody visitation issues. OSIG gathers evidence for the Client to win at court.


Stationary, Mobile & Undercover Video Surveillance

  • This is conducted to obtain videotaped documentation of a subject’s activities. Whenever possible, the investigator will obtain overt & covert video footage of the subject’s activities to include associates, stores, work, hobbies, restaurants, travel, bars, or social environments. The detailed surveillance report will include date/time-stamped photographs &/or a video of the subject’s activities. Conducted to obtain videotaped documentation of a subject’s social activities. Whenever possible, the investigator will obtain overt and covert video footage of the subject’s activities to include stores, restaurants, bars, or other social environments. The detailed surveillance report will include color photographs and a video DVD of the subject’s activities. OSIG has extensive experience, in both the public and private sectors, utilizing multiple forms of surveillance to include, Video and Photographic surveillance, stationary and mobile surveillance and undercover or covert surveillance. OSIG will employ the latest techniques and equipment to discreetly gather facts and evidence for our Client.
  • Claims adjusters, supervisors, and managers want competent, cost effective claims investigation to determine legitimate losses, deny non covered claims & combat fraud. OSIG investigators have conducted thousands of investigations in the property-casualty, life, and disability related fields of insurance. Our investigations have been extremely successful in staged accidents, jump-ins, auto thefts, operator & garaging issues, policy & premium fraud, homeowner thefts & liability claim & misrepresentation & deception claims. Interviews, recorded statements, canvasses, scene investigations, surveillances, residency determinations, household member-vehicle matters, obtaining questioned documents, town/city hall research, internet & social media research & gathering source related information are just some of the investigation techniques we use to deliver professional, customer service oriented results. We want the claims professional to have the true facts to accurately evaluate reported losses. We focus on the needs of the client, while maintaining the integrity of the claims handling process & assuring that customer service is maintained with the insured/claimant.

Electronic Vehicle Tracking (Legal restrictions may apply)

  • As allowed, we conduct GPS tracking & monitoring of the subject’s vehicle in real time via the Internet. Additionally, historical tracking data is compiled & stored for 24-hour coverage. We conduct GPS tracking & monitoring of company vehicles in real time via the Internet. Additionally, historical tracking data is compiled and stored for 24-hour coverage. Client can be notified via text message when the vehicle is in motion, exceeds a set speed, or enters/exits a set perimeter.

Hidden Cameras

  • Our surveillance investigators are equipped with covert cameras to obtain videotaped footage of the subject’s activities inside restaurants, bars, or other indoor social environments.

Asset Search Investigations

  • There are many reasons why a client might want to determine the asset & financial holdings of individuals, companies, trusts & other entities. Our asset investigations have assisted our clients in determining things such as the assets of a negligent party in an insurance case & the verification of the financial claims of a company being considered for merger or buy out. OSIG has a superb track record of successes locating the bottom line value of a person or entity. The financial background of individuals & companies (including their financial worth & list of assets) can be determined through field inquiries, public records not readily available to others, a variety of the most modern information database networks available to OSIG , the development of asset leads & through informational sources developed by our investigators over decades of delving deep to find the money. Even hidden assets are targets of our sometimes complicated and time consuming financial investigations. We conduct a thorough search to gather information regarding the subject’s assets including property deeds, property assessments, property foreclosures, bankruptcy history, motor vehicles, UCC filings, corporations, liens, judgments, aircraft & business affiliations. OSIG provides the service of Person & Asset Location. OSIG utilizes multiple tools such as data base searches, social media mining, public records searches, personal interviews to locate individuals & assets that are of interest to the Client!

Locate Investigations

  • We locate the individual & determine his or her current address, contact information & place of employment. We have the credentials & the expertise required to effectively support our investigations should court testimony be required. OSIG investigators are proficient in their ability to track down even the most elusive individuals. Many people think it is easy to locate an individual by simply doing a Google or Yahoo search on the internet; however, information obtained is often historic &/or inaccurate. OSIG has access to the very best in proprietary databases & sources to locate the person you seek to find. OSIG complies with all federal & state personal privacy regulations to assure the protection of the subject when conducting our locate searches. As long as the client has a legitimate &/or legal reason to request a locate or missing person investigation, we are up on the case.
At OSIG, we are equipped with the latest, highly technical surveillance equipment, available from our sister company New England PI Equipment, contact us for your needs.

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