Please accept this letter as our recommendation of the investigative work done by Ocean States Investigative Group. They have been conducting investigations for us on a variety of cases, including field investigations and surveillance cases, throughout the New England area. I have found them to be prompt and responsive, and their investigations are thorough and complete. OSIG’s reports are factual and well-written, and have proven to be of the quality necessary to stand up to the scrutiny of the courts.

I highly recommend Ocean States Investigative Group for any type of investigative needs you may have.

Charles E.

Operations Manager

My company was first introduced to Ocean States Investigative Group, LLC when we were in need of an investigator in the New England area. We were told that OSIG had excellent investigators and would get the job done appropriately for our needs. Having never met or spoke with an company that is referred for a delicate matter leaves one a bit worried as to the outcome of the matter, yet we were under extreme pressure to accomplish our task and went ahead and retained the services of OSIG. Not only did they accomplish the task assigned to them, they went above and beyond to make sure that what we needed was obtained.

In a most recent example of OSIG’s professionalism I was contacted by a colleague at another company in need of an investigator in OSIG’s area. After referring them to OSIG I have recently found out that they accomplished their needed task and that they are very happy with the results.

It is clear to me and others that have retained the services of OSIG that they exemplify what a professional investigator is. I would not hesitate to utilize their services again when needed.

Peter P.

Our company utilized the services of Ocean States investigative Group in December 2008 for some investigative work in Boston. Mr. Spicer personally handled the assignment and carried it out to our satisfaction in a professional and cost-effective manner within the prescribed time constraints. We would certainly use their services in the future and highly recommend them.


Vice President

Please accept this letter as our recommendation regarding Ocean States Investigative Group, LLC. OSIG has provided subcontracted investigative services for us on highly sensitive investigations. Their work product has been superb and has met our client’s highest expectations.

Andy, CPP

Please accept this letter in support of the Ocean States Investigative Group. I have known and been doing business with the management for over 10 years. This longevity is due to the fact that they are reliable & ultimately professional. I know that when I give OSIG an assignment, a first-rate investigation is always conducted. One trait that stands out to me is their responsiveness. I have literally called with a tip and said ‘I need someone out there now’ and they makes it happen. You don’t always see that level of customer service but OSIG is and always has been dedicated to the customers needs.

Frank R.

Senior Workers’ Compensation Administrator

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ed Spicer and his team of investigators for a job well done and assisting me in getting my life back. I contracted with Ocean States Investigative Group to conduct a surveillance project. Unfortunately, after 43 years of marriage I suspected that my husband was unfaithful to me and I needed proof in order to obtain a divorce.

Ocean States Investigative Group supplied me with a tracking device which was placed in the subject’s vehicle and (2) investigators were assigned to the project. The surveillance commenced on March 15, 2010 and ended on March 18, 2010. The project required the investigators to travel to and from (4) States, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey.

The investigators conducted the surveillance based on truth, objectivity and fairness, the facts were not distorted or manipulated. I appreciated the professional and proficient manner in which this investigation was conducted. With mixed emotions, my suspicions were proven and will help me to get a new start on life.

A detailed report and a video were provided to me which will be used in my court proceedings. I want to thank Ed and his team of investigators for discretely and sympathetically conducting this investigation with the utmost professionalism.


Ed & his team are a great strategic partner for any investigative/security firm who needs trusted resources & support in the Massachusetts & New Hampshire area. They are very resourceful & have a long history operating in those areas. He also has a large network of private investigators, security agents & affiliates. Ed is also the type of person to drop everything whenever you call & ensures a rapid response each time!

I have had the pleasure to work with Ed for about 10 years. It’s a great business & personal relationship. Ed has always been focused on the task at hand & his work product & the team he uses are second to none.

Having been associated with Mr. Ed Spicer for the past 15 years, I highly recommend Ocean States Investigative Group and their Investigative Team.

Mr. Spicer is a highly respected business owner who continuously gives back to the investigative industry thru education & leadership. He and his team have always met or exceeded assignment expectations. Their investigative process & reporting has proven to be thorough, timely and advantageous to our investigations.

Christopher F.


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